Four ways to keep your leather furniture cleaned and maintained

Leather furniture is easy to maintain as long as you don’t damage it with a sharp object. There are several ways to keep it clean and prolong the life of it and we will list the most commonly used ones.

 Use your vacuum and wipe it with a rag

The best thing about the leather furniture is that it is easy to clean spills. For regular cleaning remove all the cushions if they allow themselves to be removed, vacuum the furniture, and wipe with a cloth rag the areas where the vacuum would damage the surface.

 Use alcohol and vinegar


The most common stains on the leather furniture are food and drink stains and spills and ink based stains. Compared to the many different materials other furniture can be made of, the leather is the easiest to clean. For the ink based ones, use alcohol. Put some alcohol on a cloth or a cotton swab and rub it out with a few strokes. And as for the other types of stains, use vinegar with water in equal parts mixed in a bowl.

 Use linseed oil to buff the furniture

If you want your leather furniture to last longer, you have to polish it from time to time. Mix in a bowl two parts linseed oil and one part vinegar. Rub the mixture on the furniture and leave it to dry on the leather for five minutes before you buff if with a cloth. For best results, the mixture should be used several times.

 Keep your leather away from your windows

The leather furniture has an enemy, and it is the sun’s rays. They dry out the leather, and no matter how many times you clean it you won’t be able to fix the damage from the sun. So make sure to keep your leather furniture away from your windows especially in the summer.