Upholstery Fabric

How to clean Upholstery Fabric with Decorative Nails and Furniture LegsĀ 


The different types of Upholstery fabrics are not the only obstacles that people have when they try to clean their furniture. The biggest problems are the stains in the hard to reach places like where the decorative nails and the furniture legs are! The most difficult thing is to clean these areas without additionally damaging the Nails. And how the furniture legs also need to be properly cleaned. If you decide to take this task upon yourselves, make sure that you clean the fabric around the decorative nails with a water-based product, such as the foam from a detergent or shampoo that is specially made for upholstery cleaning. Try to avoid overwriting the area, because it is hard to dry it around the decorativeĀ nails and sometimes the dirty bits will go under them. The furniture legs can also be cleaned with a water-based product with or with a cloth and should be wiped dry. But for best results we recommend that you use our services as we will be happy to clean these hard to get areas in a professional way!