The Supervisor Job


The carpet cleaning supervisory job is a fun and interactive job. No two carpets will be stained or damaged in the same way so every time you go out to clean a carpet, it is a new problem that needs solving. And that is where our Carpet Cleaning supervisors come in. The carpet cleaning supervisor must be able to examine the full carpet so that all the stains and damaged parts can be identified. The second thing is to identify and prepare the chemicals and the equipment that will be needed to clean the carpet. There are many ways that the carpets can be cleaned, steam cleaned, wet cleaning, dry cleaning with an absorbent compound and much more. It all depends on the fabric and the stains on it. Our supervisors also have excellent communication skills which is why if you have any questions or issues they will be more than glad to help you with them. Our supervisors are masters of the cleaning techniques, and they will do their best to finish the job in the fastest time that is possible so you can continue with your daily routine in a cleaner environment.