5 tricks how to make your vintage furniture blend in better

While buying new furniture has its merits, for instance, you get to go shopping where you can see some amazing styles that can complement your lifestyle or your living area better than you thought. It’s also a way to spend tons of money instead of saving it for a vacation or something better than you might appreciate more than the look of your furniture inside your home. Lucky for you we have some awesome tips, five of them in fact, to make your old furniture blend in better with the style and taste that you love and want to have in your home.

1. Use wallpaper on bookshelves and on tables

Tables get tons of stains on them during their years of use, and many bookshelves have that boring and bland background color that just does not fit in with your taste.
Lucky for you a cheap solution is on the horizon, and that is a simple wallpaper and some glue. Instead of buying new furniture and using sandpaper with some paint on the furniture, you can just glue some wallpaper on it to make it look amazing. You can even place any kind of wallpaper as your local wallpaper show can probably print you the wallpaper that you want. This is an amazing trick to liven up your old furniture for a couple of years before you might need to replace the wallpaper with some new one. The best part is if you get bored with the wallpaper you can just get yourself a new one.

2. Colored hardwood floor protectors

Before you decide to throw your chairs out just because you are starting to notice some damage on the wooden floor we have a solution. Either place a rug, or a much cheaper alternative, some colored hardwood floor protectors. These can be from tons of different material, but the fashion tip is in the color. Get one to contrast your walls and the room will look more alive

3. Get some gold colored paper

Everything is better with gold, and your furniture falls into this category also. Get some gold colored paper and cut it in different shapes and glue them to different furniture. For instance, if you have a white dresser, a golden diamond shaped cutout can be an amazing addition to the doors on that dresser.

4. Faux marble for the tables

Marble is expensive as hell, and if you don’t want to throw money on that get some wallpaper that is colored like marble tables. This can be an amazing addition for even your kitchen as you can extend the life of every piece of furniture as long as you place something over it, and a marble colored wallpaper is exactly what will look amazing.

5. Glass plus anything makes tables look better

If your living room has a boring table, make it look 100 times better with a glass top and something under it. You can literally put anything that you like and enjoy it. For instance, if you like to travel, put postcards on the table and cover it with a piece of glass that is the size of the table. Or if you like beer, place the caps of different beer brands and cover it with the glass.